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Your Iowa Wind Turbine and Tower supplied by Iowa Wind Turbines, LLC (Hereafter, IWT) are warranted against defects in manufacturing, design, material and workmanship under normal use for five years, beginning with your acceptance of the delivery of the wind turbine and equipment. A Warranty validation card will be provided with each shipment.

Inverters, Chargers, Rectifiers, Disconnects & other misc electrical components purchased from IWT will carry their respective manufactures warranty thru IWT. (These respective time frames are available upon request)


IWT will repair or replace, at our option, defective parts or assemblies.  If we installed the wind turbine, we will install the repaired or replaced part or assembly.  If we did not install the wind turbine, we will provide you the part or assembly, when you  submit an authorized return of the suspected defective part or assembly to us for verification. Shipping costs to us will be your responsibility. IWT will cover the return shipping to you


Any remaining time balance of this limited warranty is transferable should your property change ownership.  However, you must contact us within 60 days of ownership transfer and fill out and return the forms for warranty transfer, and supply the photographs we request.  (There is no charge for this transfer.) Otherwise, this warranty will terminate on the effective transfer date of your property ownership.


This limited warranty applies only to those items supplied by IWT.  We do not warranty towers, materials, electronic equipment, wiring, or supplies not sold to you by us.  Unless we installed it, installation is not warranted.  If you modify or alter what we have supplied you, the limited warranty is void.  Damage or loss caused by straight line wind speed exceeding 90 mph or lightning strikes is not warranted.  (Wind speed at the nearest official reporting station shall be the applicable measure of wind speed, lightning strikes are usually self evident.)

You should contact your home owners insurance company for a determination of your coverage of your wind turbine system.


If persons other than IWT perform repairs or modifications, the limited warranty is void as to those repairs or modifications, and any other parts or assemblies affected.  We do not provide a limited warranty for Acts of God; or for consequential or incidental damage in any instance. This limited warranty is valid only in the continental United States of America.  (Contact us for warranty details beyond the continental USA.)


This limited warranty is in place of any and all other warranties expressed or implied.  The law of the State of Iowa, United States of America, shall govern any dispute regarding this limited warranty.

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