Des Moines Skyline

GALLERY - IOWA WIND TURBINES                                          


Here you will find pictures of US, our People & Associates. These will give you a better feel for our company. We may also include some "just funny" stuff too. (A Work in Progress)

Built last year, we have lots of room for the "big stuff". More concrete is in the plans & also a Wind Turbine installation too  !!



We  can put custom paint on your turbine or tower.  Recently upgraded to new EPA standards so its "ready to paint".    Oh,,,,, cars can fit in here too..!!!!



Our "overflow warehouse". While its not pretty, its tight, the roof doesnt leak and w/o markings it keeps the "curious" from poking around.


A little "time in the break room" for a couple of the guys to enjoy some food.


Yes,,Its the official IWT company car. It can haul parts & has a class 3 trailer hitch for pulling a trailer. 1965 GTO 389 CI w/ tri-power. We added disk brakes. (Smaller IWT warehouse in the background)






Bolting Up Tower


Turbine Assembled


Done Up