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ABOUT US - IOWA WIND TURBINES                                          

Iowa Wind Turbines, LLC (IWT) was formed as an Iowa corporation in 2009. Our goal is to provide quality Wind Turbines and related equipment to the market place (you) in a simple professional manner.

Our key personal have been interested and involved with wind turbines for several years.  In 2007 we traveled to Germany to spend some time learning what they do with wind energy and how they do it. From that trip the idea of building and distributing small wind turbines right here in Iowa was born.  

There is both an Economical and Enviromental reason for Wind Turbines. We endeavor to be responsible to both. As such, other alternate energy interests exist at IWT too. Solar and Hydrogen are areas we have interest in, as they can fit into a TOTAL CLEAN energy system. 

Our company philosophy is “The Golden Rule”, and we try to live up to that every day. While we have been known to “Think Outside the Box”,,, generally we try to be sure we have “Inventoried what’s in the box” first. A lot of effort is spent to ensure products we sell will work as intended. 

Our company slogan is 


This is certainly true, sometimes ! But it’s always about the task of providing you quality products in a simple professional manner. 

Designing, building, remanufacturing, distributing and installing clean energy parts and systems is what we do. We will have fun doing it, and hope your IWT experience will be the same.

We welcome any comments or suggestions, as we are partners in building a better, cleaner, greener world.